Associate Chest: Today the people's will triumphed efforts demonstrators
| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad said Kazem al - Issawi Associate "jihad" to cleric Moqtada al - Sadr on Tuesday that the parliamentary vote on changing the number of ministers came to "preferred" demonstrations, as he addressed the protesters , saying "today won the people 's will through your efforts that tried to break it. " . Al - Issawi said in a speech to the protesters, during a press conference get together today near the green Zone in Baghdad, attended by Alsumaria News, "peace on s destination fuss and perseverance and patience and what Thmmeltmoh for the home , " he said , adding "today won the people 's will through your efforts that tried to break it and worked , and sat down and plotted to break your will. " Issawi said that al- Sadr" insisted that the change is a change independent Baltknuaqrat not be partisan, has announced today a change is part of Alcabah this is thanks to God and your efforts and the presence of the patron reform among you. " the House of Representatives voted during its meeting held on Tuesday headed by Salim al - label Aqeel al - Mahdi and the minister of culture and assigned the Ministry of youth Agency, Abdul Razzaq al - Issa, minister of Higher Education and scientific research, and meet Jaafar as minister of Labour and social Affairs, and Hassan al - Janabi , a minister of water resources on my own and Agriculture acting as the voice of the Ala rich and minister of Health and Alaa Disher electricity, while the failure to vote on the dismissal of the Minister of Education Mohammad Iqbal, before deciding to raise its meeting on Thursday in.

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