Urgent .. Parliament to raise its to Thursday
Tuesday 26-04-2016

Twilight News / Iraqi parliament lifted its assigned to a vote to amend the Government of Haider al-Abadi after nominate candidates for four ministries.
And the voice of the Iraqi parliament to nominate Abdul-Razzaq al-Issa, Minister for Higher Education, after the vote on the resignation of Hussein al-Shahristani, from office.

Parliament voted also to nominate Alaa Salem Disher candidate for the Ministry of Electricity, after the vote on the resignation of Qassim Fahdawi.

Abadi was presented to Parliament by Ali Hussein candidate education and Mohammed Hussein Nasrallah, the Ministry of Justice, but it did not Athsla on majority voting, the House of Representatives.

The House voted earlier in the fulfillment of Jafar the Ministry of Labour, and Hassan al-Janabi, to the Ministry of Water, Ala rich to the Ministry of Health and Akil Mahdi of the Ministry of Culture.

Iraqi lawmaker said members of Parliament rejected a proposal Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi merging some ministries, which led to the postponement nominate candidates for a number of bags.
Said Twilight News, that the parliament refused to name Akil Mahdi of the Ministry of Culture after the proposal Abadi handed over the Ministry of Youth and file Agency.

He added that the parliament voted on the resignation of Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, but unlike won the naming Sharif Hassan bin by the deputies of the Kurdistan Alliance, which called on the presidency of the parliament to decide the re-vote on Thursday.
He added that the parliament also refused to integrate the Ministry of Transport and Communications with the matter, who postponed a vote on the resignation statement Zubaidi, and name the new Almarchih.