The latest developments from within the Iraqi parliament hall

Baghdad -arac Press -26 April
: According to the latest news from the parliament hall to House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , hired to protect the Council to end the two - hour chaos. Confirms parliamentary sources / Iraq Press /, that " the House of Representatives of the protesters were still inside the parliament hall chanting slogans against the presidency and government cabin which is supposed to put to the vote at today 's meeting. " she added," the prime minister Haidar al - Abbadi left the parliament hall to the constitutional chamber of trade with leaders of political blocs to participate in today 's session. " in the meantime, continues to thousands of supporters Sadrist demonstrations in front of Popat green zone , which houses the Iraqi government headquarters and the House of Representatives. He warned MP for the Liberal bloc of quitting during the session, before entering the protesters of Representatives, of the possibility of storming of the demonstrators to the green zone in the absence of a vote on the ministerial cabin. and try Speaker Salim al persuade the protesters to sit down and engage in dialogue about their demands, repeated over more than an hour the phrase, " the Iraqi people waiting outside pass ministerial cabin," but the protesters are determined to thwart the session and still chanting: void ..batal and Abadi righteousness .. His righteousness ".bhsp same sources.

It insists the Presidency, in these moments, the continuation of the meeting, despite pressure from the protesters of Representatives and the chaos that permeated the Council