Swift confirm the existence of fraud in financial transactions

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Swift warned a global financial network used by banks to transfer billions of dollars per day customers, on Monday, that they are aware of "a number of incidents of electronic fraud lately," where attackers sent fake messages through its system.
This discovery came while the check law enforcement authorities in Bangladesh and other countries in the theft of $ 81 million from the account of the Central Bank of Bengal to the Federal Reserve Bank in New York.

Swift acknowledged that the plan included a change in the Swift program computers Central Bank of Bengal to hide evidence of the fraudulent transfers.

The statement issued by Swift, Monday, is the first acknowledgment that the attack on the Central Bank of Bengal was not an isolated incident, but one of the few criminal schemes targeted to take advantage of Instant global platform used by about 11 thousand financial institution.

And warned the network clients, on Monday, in a notification, seen by Reuters, "they are aware of a number of online incidents that have occurred recently and succeeded where familiar Khbaython or assailants external to provide SWIFT messages from a background of financial institutions and devices for personal or operation of stations connected to the local interface computer desks SWIFT network. "

The warning did not mention, who issued by Swift in Sri notice sent through Hbactha- the names of any victims did not disclose the value of any losses from the attacks that have not previously disclosed. Swift confirmed to Reuters Health notice.

The Swift-au global financial communications association between the banks, the Commonwealth is a cooperative owned by three thousand financial institution.

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