Abadi refuses resignation of Adel Abdul Mahdi ..walackher confirms his insistence upon

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Abadi refuses resignation of Adel Abdul Mahdi ..walackher confirms his insistence upon

Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, on Tuesday, the refusal of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi his resignation from the ministry, noting that he had told him to resign and insisting that he did not irreversible.

Mahdi said in an article published by the "justice" of his newspaper, "several resignations submitted and I'm in the regulatory and political positions of responsibility, and Mntgay the whole outlook above, there was no pressure to resign in order to Resist her face .. On the contrary, there have been pressures to stay, Faqahumic temptations site, heedless of procrastination, and paid the price for standing up against the current. I will not now speak about the experience of the presidency or the other, but I'm talking about this event that matter the audience, a ministerial matter. Have submitted my resignation in August 2015, ie eight months ago, and before that the brother of Dr. Abadi provides the first reforms package. I offered to resign because I had submitted several memoranda since the early days of the formation of the government, including insights into reform and starting the country .. and I had views Cast it down in Cabinet meetings or meetings of sub-committees, or write them a day in editorials published and distributed widely. "

He said Abdul-Mahdi, "spoke to me kindly, Mr. Prime Minister, dear brother, Dr. Abadi on Wednesday evening, a Sunday .. He said that I do not accept your resignation .. crossed for the sovereignty of my thanks, and I wished him success, stressing that my resignation is irreversible, and I assure the the importance of choosing the alternative consultation with everyone involved, and I hope one of the brothers commissioned minister or the ministry is received by the agency ".

He said Abdul-Mahdi, to "resign for me culture and approach Sirte it, I will keep walking him, whether in government positions of responsibility or regulatory, which is not an escape or bowing to pressure, but on the contrary he was serious, and to address the most pressure, and out of the sites it deems Off and encircled the sites deemed effective, open, and Alandakkak in the service and repair project, and devotion to the tasks that you bear responsibility, and access to healthier tracks+