Emir of Kuwait, calling on Iran to respond to international efforts
Date: Thursday, 29/03/2012 15:19

Baghdad (news) .. He Emir of Kuwait Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, was pleased with his presence in Baghdad and confirms its support for Iraq
and said the morning in a speech during the opening of the twenty-third session of the Conference of the Arab summit in Baghdad on Thursday: I am pleased on behalf of Kuwait to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude for Iraq to be held this Summit, and for the generous hospitality, and I commend the tireless efforts made ​​by President Talabani and the Iraqi government led by al-Maliki to order high quality of the summit, and I appreciate the efforts of Iraqi security forces to provide security requirements.
He added that Iraq regained his freedom and dignity after a dark era, and the resumption of his Arab, adding that the summit is a good sign to be held in dear part of the Arab nation, was absent for many years, and represented the pain Alma us, and we are now with Iraq, we seek to overcome those wounds and affirm our support for this Summit to achieve added value for the joint Arab action basis the Iraqi role, because it represents a weight and influence on this work.
promised Prince Kuwait crisis, the Syrian as the focus of the Arabs, and that the Arab plan, if implemented would be a way out of the crisis and prolong the crisis, not increase it, but complex and a doubling of the losses.
called the morning the UN Security Council to assume its responsibilities to contribute to resolving the crisis, as well as the Syrian government to listen to the language of government and the mind and cope effectively with the efforts of Kofi Annan and Arab League.
called Emir of Kuwait: Iran to respond to international efforts. / End / 1. for. m /