Security measures around the Green Zone run-up to tomorrow's demonstration

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad announced that Vice President of the Baghdad Provincial Council Mohammed al - Rubaie for coordination with the Baghdad Operations Command to put the razor on the Green Zone , the wires and the deployment of the security elements in the surrounding areas as well as the closure of some roads near the area and bridges Sinak Republic, in anticipation of a breakthrough demonstrations that called to cleric Moqtada al - Sadr and the planned launch on Tuesday. as Rubaie pointed out in his statement to the version most of the circuits that Maqraha located near the perimeter of the green orders lifting system footprint and not applied to the staff during everyday arrivals. region and the deputy head of the Baghdad Provincial Council said the demonstrators who SIT when some ministries do not exceeding the number of scores at each ministry, pointing out that their presence does not affect the movement of staff in those ministries or reviewers. the director of the martyr al - Sadr 's office in Baghdad , Ibrahim al - Jabri, called on citizens who wish to participate in the million - man demonstration that the current leader Moqtada al - Sadr called for the sons of the Iraqi people of all sects and Ojnash out by tomorrow , Tuesday, he called in his statement to the gathering in Tahrir Square , at eight in the morning in preparation for the start of the demonstration , which will be the purpose of the pressure on the House of Representatives and push for a vote on the ministerial cab from the technocrats , independents and achieve the reforms required by the situation in Iraq

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