Ghalib Shahbandar: Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki bought 60% of the shares of Alsumaria TV program sponsored by Shu-Bashir al-Maliki
Dated: 04/25/2016
Monday 8:42

A senior leader of the Dawa Party Ghalib Shahbandar said Ahmed Nouri al - Maliki bought up 60% of the shares of Alsumaria TV.
He said in a press statement followed Jakoj Monday that Bashir Shum program aired by Alsumaria TV and sponsored by al - Maliki was the result of this contribution , indicating that the main objective is to determine how references big four religion in Najaf and put alternative reference succession of the Dawa Party.
She described the Vice - President of culture and Information Committee of parliamentary Maysoon al Sunday, Ahmed , son of Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki "after me , the little" . She said al in a press statement today: " the Ahmed al - Maliki prime minister 's son bought Al Sumaria and opening other channels for control of the Iraqi media , "al - Maliki described the son as" Uday small "and wants Iraq returned to the dictatorship.