Money chunky weaken bank deposits
BAGHDAD - Hussein Tgb
Student Alkhbayralamsrvi Mohammad Ali Jaber work on the deployment of banking culture that have an impact on the dollar's exchange rate against the dinar, stressing the importance of adopting means working to expand the deployment of banking culture base, which urges the public beneficiaries to deal with the banks and not to follow the culture of hoarding money in houses owned by citizens houses.
He said in an interview for «morning»: The citizen who is prescribed to deposit his money in private by the banks to be sure that it is investing in the right direction and that there is protection for his money , which can move calculated continuously without problems, pointing to the need to speed up the enactment of appropriate laws to this trend.
Jaber urged the importance of accelerating the pace of work to establish a deposit insurance company being established under the umbrella of a law guaranteeing the right of depositors, and that the board of Directors consists of private banks to participate and operate in accordance with the safeguards mechanisms submitted to the deposits that mean private banks.
He stressed that the move enhance the confidence of depositors in banks as contribute to the development of the reality of the banking business, noting the importance of working to create a banking culture among public opinion here has to be concerted banking sector efforts with the media in this mission , which aims to strengthen the country 's economy.
the Jaber explained in an interview earlier the importance of working on the development of human resources to operate in and brought into the banking sector in the development courses under the supervision of international experts, noting that workers in the financial sector must be Atsvo high professionalism to enable advanced banking products offered by international banks to their customers of the companies and the citizens. He called to the importance of enabling the banking sector and make it able to handle large numbers huge financial blocs required by the economic process in the future.
Jaber stressed Dharor activate public relations and take an active role in communicating with citizens and lure money supply chunky in homes to banks and employ local economy service through its investment in productivity and service various projects, pointing out that it billions of dollars.