Iraq Index continues to collapse and foreigners are turning for sale

Monday 25-04-2016 | 4:47:25

Twilight News / decline in the general index of the Iraqi market for securities by the end of trading on Monday, 0.35%, or 1.95 points, to the level of 549.35 points.

The volume of trading today to 1.69 billion shares, compared with 1.4 billion shares during yesterday's session.

The value of trades also increased to 951.11 million dinars, compared to 664.38 million dinars in the previous session.

And it tended to foreign trading today Iraq market to sell, to reach the value of their sales to 325 million dinars, while the value of their purchases of stocks amounted to 175 million dinars.

It was the day's trading on the shares of 29 companies, 13 have seen a decline in prices, particularly the Bank of Mosul share of 5%, while prices of other stocks have risen 8 top of carpets and upholstery, up 7.06%.

And occupied the Gulf Commercial Bank shares the top active stocks in terms of trading volume to 393.95 million shares, while the Bank issued Mansoura forefront of activity in terms of trading value, the index reached 239.57 million dinars.

The index fell by the end of the trading session on Sunday, by 0.3%, or 1.66 points, reached out to the level of 551.3 points.