Sadr denies postponement of tomorrow's demonstration and confirms the existence of other steps to increase pressure

Political Since 25/04/2016 15:23 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - balances News
Sadr confirmed the current leader Moqtada al-Sadr, on Monday, there are other steps to increase pressure on what he described as lovers of quotas, while denied the postponement of the demonstration.

Sadr said in replying to a referendum against him by the protesters got / balances News / a copy of it, "The ongoing protests will not postpone the demonstration tomorrow, but ongoing and there are other steps to increase the pressure on the lovers of quotas."

Sadr called on demonstrators to "not mind the gallows in Tahrir Square," describing them Balmsheenh ", while stressing" the preservation of a peaceful demonstration and cooperation with the security agencies and the unification of cheers and leave the political bickering, "and urged" State officials and intellectuals, civil and currents, minorities and tribes to participate in the demonstrations and claim reform to be the leader of Iraq without necessity. "

"The parliamentarians honorable refrain from pushing themselves in the political rhetoric and retaliatory fact that the goal to change the ministerial cabin and then move on to other phases that will reform the country militarily and politically," adding that "there are people who do not have the money to participate in the demonstrations For affluent car owners to help them access demonstrations. "

The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, in an earlier time the demonstrators called out to a demonstration tomorrow Althelathae.anthy Magdy Rady 29/33 h