"Achieving Karrada": Most of the beggars are working totals and some begging to cover his crimes + Video

Achieve Karrada court confirmed the arrest of private groups are humiliating begging inside shopping malls in Baghdad, and as pointed out that some begging used for the purpose of covering up his crimes, reported that exploit individuals to beg falls within the crime of human trafficking.

He said an investigative judge court Fadel Shaker resin in an interview with the (Media Center Authority Alqdhaiah- JAMC ), " The past period has seen an increase in the number of beggars around significantly, especially on the scope of the capital."

Larson added that "This phenomenon is not contingent on the community, and it has some real reasons because of destitution and poverty, in addition to other reasons for the purpose of propitiation people and cover up the crimes."

He stressed that "more cases coming into court for begging is not an individual, but the totals for their members are recruited to beg," pointing out that "those deployed in shopping malls and celebrations as it is for the neighborhood of Karrada."

Larson noted that the "Iraqi legislator differentiate in dealings between the beggar's event after a study of the social status of and then refer them to the courts."

He called for "the face of this phenomenon through the cooperation of all the relevant authorities including the Ministries of State and the allocation of the role of beggars."

For his part, the other investigating judge, Haidar Mansour said in a statement to ( JAMC ) that "criminal responsibility for any act contrary to the law ensue from completed nine years."

Mansour added that "all penalties cited by the legislator adult beggars and events and minor infractions punishable by imprisonment between a month to three months."

And he added that "foreign beggars are subject to Iraqi law and referred to the competent courts or they Esfron to their home countries, according to the law of residence."

He completed Mansour said that "the exploitation of individuals for the purpose of begging falls within the box trafficking law," noting that "the law is a beggar in this case the victim and the offender is responsible for him."