New countries join plan to combat tax evasion
Abbah- agencies
joined several countries of the program put forward by the largest continental European countries to stop tax evasion and corruption, where the approved 19 additional authority to exchange information automatically, after Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain announced the plan last week.
The notion of tax evasion as a non - payment of tax due the taxpayer, it shall be either part or all of the rate imposed on it, and the evasion before the start of the pay period or during the use of certain illegal means. as defined by budget experts that any attempts or efforts or attempts made by the taxpayer to dispose of all or part of the legal obligations the performance of the tax due.
among the new countries that have signed the anti - tax evasion , the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium program. the leak of confidential documents earlier this month from a Panamanian law firm on foreign tax arrangements to increase pressure on states to improve tax transparency, and was for this infusion complications in many countries, including Britain.
For his part , British finance minister George Osborne said in a statement: it must be clear to all countries and tax bodies that the world is moving decisively in the direction of increasing tax transparency, and the United Kingdom will continue to stimulate the development of an agreed list internationally for those who refuse to do the right thing.
at the same time the price of the British Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, leaked documents Panama Panama Papers, which included accusing a number of world leaders , current and former tax evasion and profiteering in abroad.