Customs: New measures to boost state coffers
Baghdad , Tariq al - Araji , has
adopted the National Customs Authority new measures to support the State Treasury in coordination with the Iraqi Central Bank to monitor goods entering the country and monitor the auction sale of foreign currency and the participation of traders in which the volume of imports compared to the sale package, in addition to working together with the Ministry of Transport to ship goods by rail from the southern ports.
Authority Director Kazim Ali Abdullah said in a statement »Sabah», that the Commission has done its coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq, that the country 's financial crisis alerted the executive bodies to the danger of monetary and fiscal policy, noting that the current situation has contributed to accelerate efforts to correct the country 's politics monetary and financial through to achieve great achievements had been neglected for many years to government measures.
he added that the economic file was behind the political file, and should be awarded monetary and financial institutions sufficient time to achieve reform, especially as the financial and administrative corruption hit some aspects of the state, adding that coordination with the Bank Central returns to «dangerous» auction currency conducted by being a drain on hard currency by trade , along with the seriousness of the customs being contribute in goods involved the movement of corporate governance, as was the mechanism is made to control the size of the purchase money and compared with goods Almistordh.wachar Abdullah that the body possesses considerable coordination with the Ministry of transport through direct railway transport of goods Baktaradtha from the southern ports toward the stores Ahalchip, indicating that the ambition of his constituency boils that are customs procedures in stores Ahalchip after the transfer of goods to it, encouraging traders to transport their goods by rail as a safe and less expensive.
and what promotes the existence of pressure exerted on the body by some politicians regarding exemptions for some goods from fees, he stressed that his department and the Ministry of Finance hand executive may not be granted exemption or impose customs duties not provided for by the law, noting that the interventions of some politicians come through administrative selection and locations the presence of staff in the customs work.
he called on the Director of the national customs Authority , the politicians, to stop this technique because it is inconsistent with the administrative and national values, noting that his department is trying as much as possible to put the right person in the right place to benefit the circle of production optimally, stressing that interventions if I got it Stohn customs work that some officials are trying to intervene affairs managing the Jmark.uad customs checkpoints developed recently in the vicinity of the capital, a very smart, a reference reason behind its creation to the feet of some traders to introduce their goods from the region outlets , some of which do not apply the tariff, confirming the presence of authorized body under its law yielded activation of this matter, especially as the ground of legal and administrative available to inspect the goods flowing into the main discharge zones in Iraq.
Abdullah continued by saying that the work of these checkpoints includes the completion of the tariff measures in the central area stores Kalhsoh and Ahalchip for goods that was not charged in the border crossing points, indicating that this matter was not aimed at financial revenue only, but to balance the interlock between the various ports. he
also noted that the points are present in places governor on the roads, stressing that in the event of unification of the work of ports , including the province Kurdistan, may be limited to existing ones and not expanded.