Parliament rapporteur is likely to extend the work of the Council to postpone the legislative recess
{Baghdad} Euphrates News decision of the House of Representatives likely Imad Youkhana, extending the legislative term of the parliament, through the postponement of the parliamentary recess, which is scheduled to start next May.
Said Youkhana told {Euphrates News}, "to the parliament, according to the rules of procedure postponement or cancellation of a month of vacation , " noting that " the usual practice that the parliamentary recess limited to one month because of the circumstances and the need for the convening of the parliament."
"There will extend the work of the parliament for the month of {cancellation month of the legislative recess} and took a month after the parliamentary holiday , "attributing it to" the need for the hearings because of the political and security conditions so extend his month and takes another month. "
He continued Youkhana that" We need to extend a month and then take a month, after the exit of parliament this crisis is well complete ministerial cabin and start procedures for independent bodies and other positions there is a schedule for these positions , which will take time. "
It is scheduled to recess the legislative second start at the first of next May.
the presidency of the Council of Representatives decided today to hold a comprehensive session of parliament, on next Tuesday, to discuss the government 's reform and readiness of the House of Representatives to host the Prime Minister to show his booth ministerial.
The media advisor to the Speaker of the Parliament Ahmed Mahjoub, said for {Euphrates News}, said that the notification about the hearing "was carried out by the presidency of the Council of Representatives," adding , "there an invitation to attend the Prime Minister to show ministerial cabin ".anthy