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    OPED: The Parliament of al-Maliki

    The Parliament of al-Maliki

    Maliki Parliament
    24/04/2016 0 16 visit

    Hadi JLo Mari were not only the protest movement initiated by the deputies in the Iraqi parliament are spontaneous housekeeper well and was intended to change the prevailing system in the state administration and the similarity with the Iraqi people demonstrated in support her, and it included in its infancy lawmakers many of the Sadrists, who was her spine, and the deputies of the state law, led by al-Maliki, arch-rival of the Sadrist movement, was observers familiar in Iraqi affairs and analysts thought at first glance that an agreement had already taken place between the two Shiite most prominent in the Iraqi field, Sirte rumors of a meeting between al-Maliki and al-Sadr, and increasing them exciting to meet with Sadr, Nasrallah in Beirut with a view to broker a rapprochement is possible, people thought that an alliance emerged between them on the rubble of political confrontation and Mabaki memories of knights that made al-Maliki of wrath in the eyes of all my chest.

    It faced the protest movement rejected by Kurdish forces, and the consensus of those forces to consolidate the traditional status of the relationship between the political components and the fundamental principles of partnership, while anger Sunnis who found that Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri is a target and not a Abadi and his government is accused of failing constantly, so they refused and strongly what happened, and abandoned the old outlook to the Iranians and communicated with them, while the Supreme Islamic Council, led by Hakim actor in action against the sit-in, and it seemed the position of the forces of Shiite Badr organization and virtue Mtmahea and reform with the Supreme Council, Kurds and Sunnis stand.

    The sit-in movement already has a significant presence of the components of several floated the idea of ​​swooping on the old principle of quotas, including some lawmakers Sunnis and Kurds who were treated with anger and deported from the bloc. Sadrists form the backbone of the picket, along with deputies of state law, who faced the spotlight and did not pay attention to the pressure applied to get them to change their attitudes originally stated, and became vice follow the bloc of former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi were present strongly in the sit-in, contrary to expectations, who saw that Allawi could go toward Last, with the likelihood of the possibility of withdrawing his deputies and a return to the traditional classroom to keep al-Maliki alone.

    Striking development is the decision of Mr. al-Sadr to withdraw deputies block free from the parliament of Sheikh blow to the presence of the rest of the MPs who have decided to proceed with their sit-in, and remained the National Bloc of Allawi present, but faces more pressure may withdraw at any moment, something that raises real questions about the feasibility of the protest and the extent of the potential for change in the political equation.

    Having pulled the Sadrists are no longer in the field, only deputies of state law, who have become are the backbone of the picket, they have received popular support significant and unprecedented, and people did not pay attention to the relationship Hola Representatives rule of law, and became a perception of them individually in the sense that the national position of each one of them is which defines the relationship with the people, and he Madfhm to take hold the position until the end, after the decision to dismiss the parliament speaker, who does not seem that the impact in the position of refusing to sit blocs which looks now empowered by their ability to resolve the battle in their favor and make sure that the situation would not be in favor of the protesters, but if they continue Baatsamanm. But observers believe that the parliament is Mutasim Maliki Parliament in the face of Shiites and Kurds, Sunni rivals, has been the extent possible, trying to take advantage of this movement until the end.

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