Foreign Affairs confirms that the Iraqi economy needs reform revolution

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Described the outlook for Iraq's economic future as bleak Vankhvadat oil prices devastated the financial sector in the country, which had collapsed due to the war against Daash

A report prepared by the US Foreign Affairs magazine that although Iraqi forces and chock it has regained its strength against the uprooting Daash regulation entirely will be a long and costly task

According to the report, there is a greater threat threatens the stability and long-term prosperity in Iraq, a public sector bloated and inefficient while devouring the Iraqi bureaucracy, the bulk of the country's resources, but it has failed to provide basic services and infrastructure

The report said the Iraqi state worked on the welfare of its citizens but to no avail as the granting of the Iraqi government jobs and food rations and subsidized energy, warning at the same time the use of the political elite patronage system to enhance their strength in the current economic crisis.