Jubouri ordered to stay cars direct broadcast satellite channels all in Parliament

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Is House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Saturday, the survival of all cars direct broadcast satellite channels, held in a friendly encounter with a number of protesters in the Council of Representatives. A statement by the Information Office of the Jabouri, quoted by the agency {Euphrates News} yesterday, that "Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri yesterday morning conducted an inspection tour of the building of the Council, where he met a number of journalists who are there," a source "ordered the survival of all cars and direct private broadcast satellite and provide all supplies logistics for their work after they ensure the safety of the security measures taken by the presidential regiment responsible for protecting the security council. " He added that "al-Jubouri met during the visit, a number of deputies of the protesters at the meeting did not address anything in relation to the parliamentary crisis, but it was a friendly encounter during which they discussed general issues concerning the future of Iraq and its people." It is said that some MPs have accused the Presidency of the Council of Representatives of ordering reason to exit the live broadcast wheels of satellite channels from the information department of the parliament. On the other hand Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said the speaker's office said a past meeting with political leaders to solve the problems taking place in the country. According to a statement of the Office, quoted by the agency {Euphrates News} that he "would like to Speaker of Parliament shows the past to hold meetings, which does not exclude the one, the belief of the need to communicate among all the political leaders in the country to contain crises and find solutions to them, all of which are publicly available to all." He pointed out that "all the dialogues conducted by the President comes in the context of the major solutions to the problems of the country, but not confined to the current parliamentary crisis." The political scene in continuous dialogues and meetings between the leaders and the parties in order to resolve the power crisis in the country, and to achieve comprehensive reform.