Mr. Qabbanji: There are signs of a breakthrough after the political crisis that nearly toppled the country

News and reports - BAGHDAD / pursue justice - 2:42 - 04/24/2016 - Hits: 22

He saw in front Fri Najaf Mr. Sadruddin Qabbanji that "there are signs of easing after the political crisis that nearly toppled the country." Mr. Qabbanji stressed during Friday prayers in the major Hosseinieh Fatimid in Najaf and quoted by the agency {Euphrates News} "The reforms must take into account the law {and Atzer and burdens g Other} and the law {Are you a penalty of charity, but charity}", stressing "respect for all of wills to get to agree to resolve the political crisis, revealing signs of easing after the crisis that nearly toppled the country, "stressing that" it is necessary to ensure that the solutions and the unity of Iraq and the parliament. " On the other hand, and on the anniversary of the uprising of 17 July 1979, which spread to the provinces of Iraq because of the former criminal regime on the religious authority of the martyr Sayyid Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr {Kdh} arrest and the subsequent uprising Sha'ban blessed in 1991 which suppressed an attribution and then divine Faraj came in 2003 fall Baathist regime offender stressed that "the sincere will and prayer was the cause of the vulva of the Iraqi people." And on the progress of the security and military forces and the popular crowd in the liberation of the usurped areas by Daash between gangs that "the victories and progress continuously to liberate areas in the north of the vine and the approaching liberation of Fallujah and are preparing for the Liberation of Nineveh." In the religious axis anniversary of the birth of Imam Ali recalled (peace be upon him) and his choice of Kufa as his capital, referring to stories that refer to separate the people of Kufa and loyalty to the people of the house {p}.