Al-jubouri showed the willingness of Parliament to pass the Government reshuffle. Sadr calls million man demonstration


Baghdad/range press

As Parliament Speaker Salim Al-jubouri, the readiness of the Council to receive the cab for the purpose of voting, so called leader of the sadrist movement of Moqtada Sadr, the million man demonstration on Monday.
Sadr's call came to claim "vote on Government's new cab during an open session of Parliament, reiterated his accusations of political parties" impede the Parliament and complete the required quorum for the vote on the cab.
And Parliament Speaker Salim Al-jubouri, in his speech during the ceremony held on the occasion of the World Book Day in the city of Al Zawra, Baghdad attended, (range), the "line begin starts from Parliament in the next few days on cab cabinet chosen by the Iraqi people, and form the cross narrow affinities", saying it "would be the fittest and most effective in overcoming the current crisis, Parliament will be ready to greet the squad this week in the first meetings after the parliamentary crisis".
Parliament speaker stressed that "the risk of regional conflicts requires us to exercise our responsibility to prevent any threat targeting State and prestige and public order, the threat of crisis time leads to a fragmentation of the country due to the security situation and the difficult economic, warning" foreign almshariia that seek to undermine the political process which requires us to assume historical responsibility initiative national homeland security and its future. "
He drew al-Jabouri "tense political situation in Iraq today is the result of, inter alia, the backlog caused by the difficult circumstances and the special situations of communal and national lineups and party until the quota approach became a solution at this point is really a by-product of sickness of the serious political process occurred which reflected negatively on the performance of State institutions".
The House of representatives that "the Iraq crisis but is purely an emergency would end soon and return home after Wellness to power led the region after having lived for decades of difficult and dangerous circumstances, then this experience factor strength and historic lesson for future generations and immunity from going backwards."
Al-jubouri recalled that "ordeals carry within them an invisible trend may be motivated to improve and progress and confidence in God first and the confidence of our people in advance and specifically young people that rely on it a lot in saving the country and access to bank security and stability."
The "parliamentary crisis that got still see it as exercise and still look at who played under due diligence and share political mistake", stressing that "any practice contributes to strengthening the role of the Organization and not malfunction."
And the ateb "institutions and personalities were able to play a role in solving the last crisis," he said, adding that "the crisis is not related to a particular person or position, but a crisis of the State and ruling".
Sadr said, in response to a request made by his supporters to demonstrate his opinion about establishing a demonstration Monday, to coincide with the convening of Parliament session, demanding a vote on Government of technocrats and received (range), a copy thereof, to "stop the current protest folk, is a historic stop Iraq head lifted high, made Iraq the ranks of countries demanding reform, thanks to both a sit-in staged."
He added that "political parties don't want the Parliament, on the one hand, and do not want to deliver the required number of votes to reach the required reforms popularly", stressing that "our gift and your demonstration on Monday, the million man demonstration will frighten them and make them have to convene Parliament and votes with full transparency and freedom to teach people to vote and reluctant through public meeting".
He said Sadr "demonstrating procedures and also does not preclude you work they slacken or excuse, home most of all", "back in peaceful demonstrations to special committees of both brothers in the Islamic or civil or all spectra of the Iraqi people."
Seal and leader of the sadrist movement ", endowed with the gift of a single people, men and women, old and children, so that once their excuse, and then God change people because they wanted change."
He did not specify, the leader of the sadrist movement of Moqtada Sadr protests dubbed "place called.