Social Market Economy

Author: Yasser incumbent

4/24/2016 0:00

State realized that for no choice of delivery , especially in the aspects of productive economic file management to the private sector after the failures of most of the government institutions in periods of extended before the change still.

This comes at a time when the government is seeking to make economic reform and wide as a step on the road to full - time for other things related to the planning and identification the real needs of which, in addition to the most important aspect and the most dangerous goal of running battles and face Aldaasha the vicious aggression.

The means of transmission of the economic file management to the many and varied private sector in the forefront of getting rid of the burden of loss - making and is capable companies to withstand competition , they did not hold up in a period of abundant funds and allocations of large , how her steadfastness under these suffocating financial crisis?.

This process of transition are two ways restructuring Awal_khas_khash «sale of property third State with the benefit of an exploited people unproductive», these two ways facing them the objections of several challenges stand in the way without realizing it, a powerful and influential Vito obstacle generally these transformations , and certainly for this veto justifications of the concerns are legitimate sometimes allow objectors ample space to stand against these measures.

But let 's examine how the other team and supporting measures of privatization and other reforms , who have Msogathm also visions in this regard, where they see the importance of making use of these facilities by investing thinks by the researcher of the private sector for profit allowing activated.

Between these two teams appear unstructured conflict and Hovey truth expresses two choices contradictory question , whichever is closer to the ideal solution to overcome the financial crisis the country? Here we have to show the advantages and disadvantages of the two roads and then the final arbiter and not caught in a vicious circle. Required compromise ensures dispel fears and achieve needed reforms, experts are focusing these days on the style of the social market economy as an optimal solution «It is a capitalist economic system to adopt a market economy but rejects capitalist form of absolute».