Honest: Presidency article parliament impede the work of the fourth power

The number of visits: 70 Published on: 23/4/2016, 10:49 Published by: Hamid

Honest: Presidency article parliament impede the work of the fourth power

The head of the parliamentary bloc honest Hassan Salem, Saturday, he held since the sacking of the Presidium of the parliament session, there are attempts by the political quota system blocks to the absence of the voice of the protesters deputies in parliament by blocking the work of the fourth power and prevent it from entering the House of Representatives.

Salim said in a statement that "the article body president proceeded to close the door to enter the dedicated media as well as she has ordered to disrupt the work of the information department of the Council of Deputies, which is on them to facilitate the entry of the media to the parliament."

He described Salem, "the attempt a failure to prevent the cover picket Representatives of the protesters, especially after their adherence to convene meetings of the Parliament and the Presidency is trying to take out the article live broadcast of the wheels (SNG) to prevent broadcast parliament sessions convened by the House of Representatives of the protesters."

He said that "such practices" arbitrary "and completed to the Constitution and democracy onion because the live broadcast wheels are appointed Iraqi people to the parliament," and expressed "rejection is graduating from anyone We also call for the removal of obstacles to entering the media and journalists to the House of Representatives."

The presidency of the body's parliament article has issued orders to close the front door to enter the House of Representatives for the eighth time, forcing journalists to reach the seventh time and waiting for between 3-4 hours while getting to authorize their entry for the media center.