Finance Minister receives President «UNAMI» and the Ambassador of the US and Britain

23/04/2016 0:00 BAGHDAD - morning

Search Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari on Thursday evening, with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Head of UNAMI in Iraq, Jan Kubiš, the US and British ambassadors, both in private bilateral relations and the results of the Iraqi delegation talks with organizations Atah.ocdt data released by his press office had received «morning» copies Zebari met with the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Head of UNAMI in Iraq, Jan Kubiš was discussed during the meeting and review the relationship between the United Nations Mission «UNAMI», Iraq and the outcome of the Iraqi delegation talks with international financial organizations and ways to support the government and its reform programs and economic, as a review of the situation political, parliamentary, financial and emphasize the commitment to the Constitution and the institutions legitimacy to manage Albulad.kma received the Minister of Finance UK Ambassador to Iraq, Frank Baker and discussed with him the results of Iraq's participation in the recent meetings of the international Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which took place in Washington in order to mobilize international support for Iraq's efforts to get additional financial resources to support the budget and the reconstruction of liberated areas. The minister paid tribute to the British support to help Iraq in international forums and in economically support Zebari also .waltqy, US Ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, accompanied by representative of the US Treasury Department at the embassy, ​​the minister reviewed the results of his recent visit to Washington and his participation in the annual spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank international, as well as the talks held by the Iraqi delegation with senior international officials and Secretary of the US Treasury and other administration officials on support Iraq economically and financially and support in the fight against terrorism organization Daash.ogery exchange of views on the government's reform program to develop sectors of the Iraqi economy and the development of its resources self technical talks with the IMF to reach an agreement on the willingness's credit, which will provide additional resources for the state.