Mr. school for politicians: Do not take you (arrogance) for changing the ways in which you fail to achieve reform and Tencglua for (Daash)

April 23, 2016 6:22
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Karbala - called religious authority, Mr. Mohammad Taqi school, long live, leaders of political blocs to be more realistic in achieving the goals that hold fast to her.
He said during his weekly from Karbala, "all of Iraq's leaders and the politicians and the people to be their eyes on the target, which demonstrated and hold fast to him."
This comes after the withdrawal of a number of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives of the sit-in of several Iraqi political components participated in the parliament.
The school, that reform in Iraq needs to be quite some time until the results appear.
He said, "should be the perpetuation of the status of reform and not to stop or retreat when one initiative towards achievable."
"The politicians should look for realistic solutions to the problems of the country and to be more serious and determination towards achieving the desired reform."
He stressed the need to move away from what he described as "closed roads" that do not lead to reform.
"It should change the politicians and the leaders of the ways through which they failed to achieve reform blocs do not take them arrogance."

He called the school reference, in the part of his speech, to the need to "stickiness" of scientists in order to reach solutions and described as "realistic" out of the crisis.
The Eminence had demanded last week, members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives to go to the holy city of Najaf and work advice (religious authority).
He warned school reference, of the consequences of concern for the Liberation of Iraq's cities from the control of the organization "Daash" terrorist.
He said, "Our goal at this stage edit the ground in Iraq from Aldoaash a stage is not Balbsath because this organization has become also controls large areas of Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan and even Egypt and other countries in the region."
"We are in front of the enemy is widespread and can not be terminated without everyone working to unite in order to remove this threat."
This comes one week after the call from the security forces and the popular crowd of maintaining security (Baghdad belt).
He pointed Eminence, amid a crowd of his supporters, that many of the countries in the region do not want Iraq to stability or survival of a democratic system.
He accused the school reference, countries in the region did not identify as "a joint publication of the chaos in Iraq to justify to their people that dictatorships them better than democratic systems."
"The democratic experiment in Iraq on what the problems are not up to the level of the problems left behind by the dictatorial regime."
"We should not forget the Iraqi people and their leaders mass graves and the oppression they suffered by the former dictator, who ruled this country."

The last peace talks in Kuwait!
In the Yemeni affairs, Samaha school authority said: "I repeat once again, that the war in Yemen and the absurdity of war has caused a lot of problems in the region."
Since the first day of the Saudi aggression against Yemen, His Eminence said that this war is "absurd" and would not be able to achieve its goals or break the will of the Yemeni people.
And on Thursday it began what is known as the (peace talks) in Kuwait to end the year-long war against Yemen.
He said the school Reference "advised everyone from the first day the need for negotiation and dialogue in order to end this war before losing everyone."
He wondered "why did not Tbgesoa from the outset for political solutions and compromises as you do today in Kuwait? Is not among you a wise man?".
Sayyed also said that Yemen is a large part of its territory, has turned into an incubator for terrorist organizations.