Mutlaq Altaqa Iranian ambassador calls on politicians to give up their "cling to positions and chairs."

April 23, 2016 6:30
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BAGHDAD - The head of the Arab coalition, Saleh al-Mutlaq, on Friday, Iraqi politicians to abandon the "cling to positions and the chair" policy.
Mutlaq said Office said in a statement news agency Buratha received a copy of it, "al-Mutlaq received today Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran accredited to the Republic of Iraq, Hassan Dnaii fled and his accompanying delegation," noting that "the meeting focused on the government and parliament and the functioning of the reform process and ways to find solutions to the crisis Links included demonstrators and protesters citizens' rights. "
The Mutlaq According Aleban, the importance of that "Iraq's neighboring countries to take balanced positions on issues of Iraq and stands at the same distance from the internal affairs and be interference in Bending mediate mutual cooperation and respect for sovereignty and privacy and to show possible assistance only through diplomatic and official channels."
He stressed "the importance of Iraqi politicians that possess the spirit of altruism and true patriotism and give up clinging to positions and policies chair, and put the interests of the people and the nation on the state of partisan interests or partisan or personal."
For his part, the Iranian ambassador said that "Tehran's position fixed to the Iraqi people and continuing to provide necessary assistance in the war against terrorism," and expressed hope that "exceed actors obstacles to the political process and succeed in its reform."