Kurdish lawmaker: early elections to address the crisis crisis , " the largest and deepest"

Counting deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance, claims to hold early elections, the handling of the crisis, crisis, "the largest and deepest."

The MP said Muthana Amin told all of Iraq [where] "do not support an early election, as the conduct will not change anything of the situation in Iraq, and perhaps lead us in other crises and the status of a constitutional vacuum and financial expenses of the government can not afford."
He added that "this call is misplaced, because the solution to the crisis experienced by the country moving forward, there is no need to find a gap Iraqi political system through early elections."
He believed that "the next meeting of the House of Representatives must be resolved by the subject of the legitimacy of the presidency of parliament and renew confidence in her or withdrawn from the protesters, if the availability of the required number, then go off with a ministerial cabin as comes by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of new names or vote on the first circumstance or second, the rejection or acceptance. "
It mentions that some political parties calling for early elections, because of the political crisis afflicting the country, and the difficulty of access to the solutions, where the House of Representatives after suffering a split sit part of his deputies.
While observers believe that early elections may enter the country a new spiral of conflict as a result of political instability, in addition to the financial crisis that has suffered because of lower oil prices.