Al - Zubaidi: first steps of reform to change the election law and the restructuring of the Commission

2016-04-23 00:24:07 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

MP from the Bloc virtue Akeel al - Zubaidi said that changing the current electoral law and restructure the Commission is the first step in the reform of the current situation , stressing the need to create suitable conditions for a fair election. It promised in a statement that "passes Iraq these days in a very difficult and complex conditions might lead to a big disaster to strike the Iraqi people in the event of failure to accelerate to be solved by taking successful steps intact. And MP for the Bloc virtue stressed that" there are steps that if followed and implemented accurately it will contribute to resolving the Iraqi crisis and to achieve harmony between his sons and that the implementation of governance authority in Najaf guidance and listen to a good start is right out of the thorny landscape that Iraq is going through. And "to listen to the demands of the Iraqi people and achieve what aspire will be an important factor in calming the street and win their support , explaining that the first steps to achieve reform is to change the election law , which has contributed to the production of a partisan political class that works for their interests away from the interests of the citizen, as well as the restructuring of the Electoral Commission to be the level of ambition of the people and away from the party quota system. He stressed Zubaidi to organize early elections after the reform measures in the Electoral Commission Act and the restructuring of indicating that it effective solutions that enable it to produce new political class that overcome people 's interests , the interests of the parties.

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