Chest: Liberal bloc does not represent me and I represent

2016-04-23 00:45:42 | (The voice of Iraq) -
Cleric Moqtada al - Sadr , said that " the mass of free participation in the Iraqi parliament does not represent me and I represent but sympathize with me and sympathize with them."

He said al- Sadr in a press statement that "interfere in the political affairs of the country in relative terms , and does not interfere directly , " adding that "there are higher than political issues interfere issues, and there are partial things do not interfere."

He pointed out that " the intervention on the subject of changing the prime minister and define a new person in the position of being a national profile, and religious, and ideological," adding that "because of political differences Taert even some doctrinal issues the Iraqi people."

He continued chest about what is happening in Iraq of recent developments , saying "there are some things moving towards the worst, but not intrusive in some important things in Iraq for and found solutions."