America used for the first time, "the Cold War icon" pounding goal Daash south of Mosul
Thursday 21-04-2016
| 9:39:13
Twilight News / bombers "B-52" America bombed on Wednesday for the first time a target for organizing "Daash" south of the Iraqi city of Mosul, according to the US military announced.

He revealed US military spokesman in Iraq, Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Warren, the launcher "B-52" carried out the first raid, and targeted weapons store in the city of just sixty kilometers south of Mosul, the second Iraqi cities under the control of the "Daash," explaining that these bombers are not implemented only a minute strikes using smart bombs.

Warren pointed out that he had previously used these bombers heavily during the Vietnam War and in Afghanistan against the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and then used those bombers in Iraq.

According to this Central Command US Air Force that US bombers, described as "an icon of the Cold War," and reached "many" military air base in Qatar, on the tenth of April / April.

Central Command, the US Air Force did not announce the number of bombers sent to Qatar so far.

The latest "B-52" aircraft entered service in 1962, and the fall in the strategic long-range aircraft box capable of carrying nuclear warheads, as is unmatched in the world only Russia's strategic aircraft of the same class.