Masum, the deputies of the protesters: the dismissal of the president when he is committing treason

Iraqi President Fuad Masum said, Wednesday, that he "can not dismiss the president only by a decision of the Federal Court, or in the event of high treason."

The protestors demanded the dissolution of the House of Representatives had three presidencies and the pink slip, and rejected an initiative to resolve the parliamentary crisis infallible.
And the infallible during an interview that "people who talk about the dismissal of the Prime Minister or President of the Republic, is not enough information about this matter there have," noting that "the political parties to agree among themselves, and can not continue the current situation, it is not possible to be we Berlmanan or two governments in Iraq. "
He spoke infallible about the dismissal of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Congress, the President and the Vice Prime Minister, he said, "It seems that when he was chosen Haider al-Abadi as prime minister, he had some of the steps that he wants to do, hiding or he did not talk about the existence of some problems with the minister, or with some institutions, and on the track the implementation of these steps, including the sacking of three deputies to the President, and the dismissal of three deputies to the prime minister, and without consultation, and striking that parliament has the approval of the implementation of the firings just hours after al-Abadi declaration, and since then the problems started appearing Here and there".
As for the road map put forward by the infallible dissolve parliament crisis and the House of Representatives of the protesters, said the president, "I can say that everyone has agreed on this map, but technically, there is a party had prepared a fitting scenario for this initiative, so we do not achieve the desired results, but we will not we stand at this point, and it should be our ideas and other projects to resolve this dilemma, and it must be a solution through discussion, not by imposing some big blocks as you want on the other blocks, and for that I will be starting from next Saturday to hold intensive meetings with all parties to reach to other solutions, because the eyes are all heading now towards the presidency of the republic, to being outside of these conflicts, it has made my visit a group of protesters House of Representatives yesterday, and I explained to them that I'm not with you against the other party, and I'm not with the other party against you, but we should try seriously to solve this is problematic as soon as possible, it can not stop the work of the parliament, because our program is a parliamentary program, and the parliament to run the business. "
On the issue of the dismissal of the president by the parliamentarians, "We can not dismiss the president only by a decision of the Federal Court, or in the event of high treason or violating the constitutional right, or not to apply the Constitution, provided that they come from condemnation by the Federal Court, and then come conviction to parliament is to vote on the dismissal of the Prime Minister or President of the Republic. "