Interim President of the Parliament confirms the continuation of nominations open a new presidential body until tomorrow

​He confirmed the interim Parliament Speaker Adnan al - Janabi, Wednesday, opening the door for nomination to the presidency of the parliament for all, calling on members of parliament to attend tomorrow 's meeting .
Janabi said during a press conference in the House of Representatives and attended / balances News / "The House of Representatives will hold its meeting on the ten o'clock on Thursday morning."
He called on lawmakers to "attend the hearing, without exception."
He said al-Janabi, that "the nomination for the presidency of the Council of Representatives will be open to everyone," stressing that "the parliament tomorrow will receive the applications."
The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, called on Wednesday "national good guys," House of Representatives to withdraw from the sit-in inside the parliament and not engaging the "bickering" political, as the face of the "freeze" block free-up to the vote on the ministerial cabin tagged with "independent technocrats session ".
Janabi's announcement came after a meeting of more than 100 members of Parliament in the House of Representatives announced their emphasis to continue the sit-in and proceed to achieve the reforms agreed upon in the "beginning of the intifada corrective."
He sitters House of Representatives, who are now calling Anevsham designation "stationed" he did not return for the decisions to sack the Presidency and began a new nomination for the body and then dismiss the government in full accordance with the constitutional and legal frameworks. "
The MP said Ahmed al-Jubouri, "said the protestors assert their dependence on the street and the reference in the other party relies depends on external support regional and international levels through the embassies."
He said the decision of Parliament Niyazi Oglu "We will continue to receive nominations for the presidency of parliament and members of the Presidency this evening until ten o'clock tomorrow morning."
While MP Kadhim al-Shammari said the "national coalition and its leader, Dr. Ayad Allawi said, have adopted since the start of the political process before the 13-year-old slogans establish a civil state, and the elimination of sectarian and political quotas, ending exclusion policies, marginalization, and the fight against corruption, and to achieve national reconciliation."
"I endured in order that the various types of harassment and accusations, we paid a constellation of heroic martyrs as the price of adopting these principled positions, and did not strayed from our way in the adoption of reform projects and the mobility of the mass, which start in over a year and slogans raised not the embodiment of the national for our project great so the entry of some in this reform project or exit from it it does not mean that they are relying on them and where it is to pick the lineup with the masses and build Mtalibha. "
He added that "the National Coalition as it revives our armed forces and the crowd popular fighter and the Peshmerga and the crowd clan on the victories achieved in the fronts of honor and heroism against the elements Daash terrorist, he announces the continuation of his deputies and his audience Karim in the political mobility and popular with their fellow deputies and the masses of the other blocks until we achieve all the demands of the Iraqi people, Aziz ".
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