Eight candidates for the Presidency of the Parliament, most notably electrodes and Nuri

Author: HH, SSJ
editor: HH

21.04.2016 14:05

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Detecting a parliamentary source familiar with the matter on Thursday, eight deputies nomination from different political blocks to the post of parliament speaker and his two deputies, replacing body article presidency, as he emphasized that the head of the coalition forces Ahmed electrodes and the Kurdistan Alliance MP Adel Nouri two leading candidates for president and vice president.

The source said in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The six MPs from several political blocs gave their CVs to the head of the interim parliament MP Adnan al-Janabi as candidates for the post of President of the House of Representatives after the sacking of former boss Saleem al-Jubouri," noting that "candidates are the head of an alliance of Iraqi forces Ahmed electrodes and MP for the coalition forces Mohammad Tamim, the deputy coalition Iraq Qutaiba al-Jubouri and MP for the coalition forces Ahmed al-Jubouri and MP for the coalition forces, Salah al-Jubouri, and the National Alliance MP Zaher al-Abadi. "

The source, who asked not to be named, said: "deputies forward Saarhama own candidates for the posts of deputies first and second speaker of parliament, two deputy coalition citizen Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu and the Kurdistan Alliance MP Adel Nouri," noting that "the interim parliament speaker Adnan al-Janabi will vote on candidates during the next session of parliament. "

The Iraqi Council of Representatives of Iraq resumed on Thursday, its open, headed by Adnan al-Janabi timer and the presence of 135 deputies, the vote in the form of a new presidency to parliament, al-Janabi, filed for several several minutes and keep it open until next Sunday.

The MP participating in the sit-Hassan Salem, on Wednesday (21 April 2016), that any party sit withdrawal "will not affect" the continuance until we achieve demands, noting that the next parliamentary session would be "open" and see the selection of a new body for the presidency, whether " completed the quorum or not completed. "

The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr called on Wednesday (20 April 2016), the House of Representatives "national good guys" to withdraw from the sit-in inside the Parliament, as he emphasized the importance of not "engaging political Palmeatrut," demanded the Liberal parliamentary bloc to "freeze its work." until the voting session at the ministerial cabin technocrats.

As the political body of the Sadrist movement, it announced on Wednesday, the immediate withdrawal of the picket the parliament and the suspension of the Liberal bloc in parliament membership. The head of the House of Representatives article Saleem al - Jubouri announced, the first on Tuesday (19 April 2016), to suspend the sessions and the work of parliament until further notice, with attributed the delay to preserve the "reputation" of the Council and its transformation into " an arena for wrestling and the imposition of wills by force."

The Iraqi Council of Representatives, held, the first on Tuesday (19 April 2016), held its headed by interim boss Adnan al-Janabi to re-vote on the dismissal of the former head of the Council Salim al-Jubouri and his two deputies, under President Fuad Masum initiative, as filed within minutes of the session to Thursday, (21 April 2016).