Maliki Asks Iraqi MPs to Stop Probing the Fall of Mosul

He has allegedly promised to some MPs support and personal benefits if they exclude him from the case

BAGHDAD — Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has requested some members of Parliament, including the Kurdish MPs, to not probe the case of ‘fall of Mosul’ or to exclude him from the investigations.

According to a source from the Iraqi parliament, the Shi’ite leader Nouri al-Maliki has promised several MPs support and benefits if they stop probing the case of Mosul which has fallen into the hands of the Islamic State (IS) since June 2014, during Maliki’s rule.

The source also revealed that Maliki insists that even with the continuation of the investigations, he should be excluded from the case.
Kurdish Member of the Committee for Defence and Security Affairs of the Iraqi Parliament, Shakhawan Abdullah, confirmed the report and stated that Maliki phoned him personally for the issue.

“He asked me to stop probing the case of fall of Mosul,” Abdullah said. “But I made it clear that I won’t lie off until I discover the person responsible for the fall of Mosul.”

After IS crossed the Syrian borders into Iraq and seized Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul in mid-2014, Maliki was accused by some political parties of being behind the great failure of the Iraqi army in the face of jihadists. However, the case remains under investigation and the truth is yet to be unveiled.