Samawah refinery: We have introduced 8 billion into the treasury of Muthanna within the petro - dollar revenues

2016-04-21 09:08:14 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Announced Samawah refinery management that drained the treasury was admitted to the local government over the past year the amount of 8 billion dinars within the petro - dollar revenues, pointing to the existence of a plan to develop the refinery and raise the production ceiling to 40 thousand barrels per day.

He said the refinery manager Mohamed Ali Hussein said in a statement that " the production capacity of the refinery currently stands at 30 thousand barrels per day gives amounts of up to 8 billion dinars per year, and are used to provide services in the areas of the province."

Between Hussein , he said the Oil Ministry plan to increase refining units Palmcefy for up to 4 units with a capacity of up to 40 thousand barrels per day.

It is noteworthy that the governor of Muthanna Faleh Ziadi, had announced that the Oil Ministry has agreed to add refining unit in Samawah refinery with a capacity of 10 thousand barrels per day.