After the failure of the House of Representatives sit and lack of political blocs agree on a solution .. Is Iraq will see early elections?

Wednesday 20 April 2016 | 19:50
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BAGHDAD / .. led events accelerated this week to make changes at the level of political visions, that would be the seed of the desired change, and that although the blocs have agreed to achieve , but it differed in the mechanism of that investigation, prompting the leadership of the process to adopt different positions even under one coalition, through to Monobloc.

And when I tried the presidents and ministers push the political blocs toward a unified parliamentary session attended by all the political blocs, hoping to reach a final solution to the crisis was held, initiated by others to put up the early elections option to Caton arbiter in resolving the crisis, and turn invoked by blocs of being a "revolution" on corruption, to "purple fingers" revolution be a voter where a judge deems appropriate to involve Fayallabh spoiler and out of them.

This comes in light of the call for sweeping changes in the election commission and the electoral law, to ensure the integrity of the ballot and not to waste votes or converted to MP who did not collect voices qualify to enter parliament, just because he holds a sequence ahead in this list or that basket.

While the Islamic Virtue Party, the parliament called to discuss the formation of a new election Commission and amending the election law as a prelude to early elections, supporting the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's call for elections.

Sadr also called in a statement, "Eye of Iraq News received a copy of it on Wednesday," the Organization of the Islamic countries and the United Nations to intervene in order to take out the Iraqi people from their ordeal and to correct the political process through early elections that may be the beginning of the end of the quota system and the rampant corruption in the corridors politics and government. "

Apart from the early elections, al-Sadr also face the freezing of the Liberal bloc in Parliament, which represents the political wing of the stream until the session during which the vote of Parliament on the government of technocrats, thus ending the era of sit-current deputies, which lasted for several days.

Picketing, which received reactions varying them from describing the coup against legitimacy and override the Constitution, which has failed his deputies in three consecutive sessions to achieve a quorum and proceed with the project "Change," The head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar storytelling that "a coup will not allow it."

Hakim said during a speech, followed up "Eye of Iraq News," "The reform and the search for solutions can not be the coup against legitimacy, and divide, and weaken", as thought, "What is happening today is one of the results of the fragmentation of the National Alliance, which represents the political basis ", he stressed," We will overcome this crisis, we will not allow the plaintiffs to waive the law and the Constitution under any name. "

Recent events in parliament, the prime minister was away from the event, which carry the Reform Movement, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi responsibility for the crisis.

The head of the Reform Bloc Hilal Sahlani's "Eye of Iraq News," that "Ebadi is the reason for the political crisis to be submitted closed envelopes without the consultation of the members of the House of Representatives."

He Sahlani, said that "al-Abadi is the reason for the political crisis because it gave envelopes closed to his booth cabinet without consultation of the blocks, and threw the ball in the court of parliament and fabricated crisis inside and then came out and made the crisis within the Council", calling on the House of Representatives of the protesters to "end the sit-in and form an opposition bloc instead of disrupting the business of the Board House of Representatives. "

It is expected to hold a "sit-parliament" session to discuss the nominations for the Presidency of the Parliament, to be held followers were excluded, given the withdrawal of the Liberal block of picket Representatives.

And the withdrawal of the Liberal bloc, the number of protesters to approximately 100 signatures, having exceeded the barrier of 170 during the Saturday session, which adjourned for two days, counting individual withdrawals and exit of small blocks of protesters gathered.

Like the failure of the House of Representatives of the protesters to achieve their demands an answer strictly to the possibility of blocs agree on specific formats that will lead to solutions on the ground, what makes the ballot box closest to the solution in order to inject new blood in the political process, and change the faces that young features some blackness or suspicions , which though some argued that it could not be achieved at the present time, however, it has become a requirement of more than one party.

It is worth mentioning that the current election cycle two years had spent years old, since April 2014, and that an early election may make them Luxor session between those Althelat.anthy 8