Jubouri: the withdrawal of the Liberal bloc protesters Itzhaba tactically

The number of visits: 53 Published on: 21/4/2016, 10:14 Published by: Hamid

Counting Mutassim MP Ahmed al-Jubouri, on Thursday, the withdrawal of the Liberal bloc protesters Itzhaba "tactical", stressing that the new bloc is still the biggest.

Jubouri said that the Liberal bloc's withdrawal from the protest does not mean that it has abandoned the reformist goals, but he was "tactical" withdrawal.

He added that "the protestors what Zloa Liberal MPs are preparing an important part in the process of change and reform," stressing that "the protestors still make up the largest bloc so far."

And announced the Liberal bloc, yesterday, its withdrawal from the picket deputies inside the parliament building Atsjabh to the instructions of the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, in a time when the House of Representatives confirms the protestors continuing to sit while the sacking of the three presidencies.