War: the nomination does not require a specific quorum or vote for it and not a decision

Date: Thursday, 21-04-2016 05:30 am

Follow-up/Iraq today
Legal expert, Tariq Harb, said the first session on Tuesday 19/4/2016, was an extension of the rule of Parliament protestors opposed to quotas, as former Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri, in an official statement before attending the meeting, said it would not top the President of Parliament and this did indeed where sat in seats he and his members of Parliament did not ask the Chair of the meeting and pay mp Adnan al-Janabi took the Chair as the oldest so,
The lack of a proper claim to the Chair mentioned it could be recognition of and of Deputies whose number has increased to 200 Deputy including Deputy block Union forces that belongs to al-Jabouri to constitutional, legal previous meeting where Parliament sacked any Al-jubouri and his two deputies, and adds war "and where has achieved quorum on 19/4/2016 the parliamentary presence of the deputies in this issue, the constitutional and legal this meeting has achieved a number of lawmakers over the quorum established by Constitution Article (59), either leave the number of deputies to the meeting, it did not alter the legal continuity of the meeting and took the older nomination to the Presidency of the Council of representatives and the first Vice-President and the second, because the nomination procedure and not a decision in proceedings is not required quorum article (59) of the Constitution stipulated that the quorum at a meeting and vote on resolutions not in actions taken as an open nomination and this is what happened in all previous Board action Since the first session of Parliament in 2006, in all actions not requiring quorum. "
And war, he says, "but we have to note that article (55) of the Constitution stipulated that one condition for candidacy to the Presidency of Parliament and is a condition of membership in the Parliament and did not require quotas for nationality or sectarian or denominational like all constitutional provisions did not mention of quotas, with the exception of gender quotas in Parliament by virtue of article (49) of the Constitution but this article stipulates that the election of the speaker and his two deputies as direct and secret vote by an absolute majority of members of Parliament any relevant ( 165) members, candidates for the Presidency of the Parliament but the Constitution did not prevent voting in one basket on the speaker, first Vice-President and second Vice-President.