Iraqi Economic Forum: ready to nominate qualified economic and service for bags


Baghdad / long - Presse

Counting Economic Forum Iraq, on Wednesday, that the current political tension threatens to external interventions "undesirable and serious risks" at all levels have the citizen, "the first affected," which, while he is ready to present a plan be a "lifeline" to the community and the nomination of "eligible qualified" to take over bags related to the economy and services of the new government.
This came in a statement to the Forum, followed by the head of the Iraqi private banks association, Wadih Handal, on behalf of the 12 members of the Forum, during a press conference in Baghdad, attended by (long-Presse).
He said Handal "The political developments in the Iraqi Council of Representatives sit large group of deputies in protest and rejection of partisan quotas imposed by the political parties and blocs on the cabinet reshuffle intended, and the confiscation of the right of the Prime Minister in the formation of a government of technocrats that could save the Iraqi state and correct its course for the benefit of the citizen, which Parkinaha and blessed by the Iraqi people. "
Handal said that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, was not consulted or take the opinion of the private sector in the nomination of ministers or choose technocrats figures which abound, what was born congestion and greatly great among the politicians in the parliament and the government and signs of external intervention, unwanted, and portends grave dangers of the situation political, security and economic, which will be the first affected citizens of it. "
He was member of the Forum "willing Forum to provide a list of qualified private sector eligible were excluded in the relevant economy and services sites," stressing "the readiness Forum to contribute to the development of an economic plan assumes responsibility before God and the people of Iraq to be the survival of Iraqi society who sacrificed much collar." Handal called Iraqi politicians to "unite and attitudes, and the preservation of Iraq and its people, and spare the country and its people the evil of divisions, and stay away from partisanship," stressing the need, "to be the first and last allegiance to Iraq."
It is noteworthy that the Iraqi political scene is still engorged as a result of the worsening dispute between protesters deputies since last Thursday (14th of this April 2016) and the rest of their peers, as well as lack of political blocs agree on ways to solve the current crisis, amid growing public anger and demonstrations and sit-ins, led by Sadrist movement in Baghdad and the provinces.