Gallows and drums in Tahrir Square, raises concerns of fear among Iraqis

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - April 20
/ Iraq Press: raised scene monument poles gallows in Tahrir Square in Baghdad mixed reactions when the Iraqis who have regained their old photographs sent back her memory, ie , to appearances , which was followed by successive governments that great motto is clear (Mako (no ) plot becomes, cords exist), especially as the percussion of drums accompanied by sparking fear in the hearts of some, while others felt it necessary to warn politicians to their fate if Atuaqgua with people and realize their demands, while rights Commission confirmed the man from the rejection of the manifestations of violence and intimidation. confirmed some the protesters in Tahrir Square , the monument these gallows is to express that the fate of the corrupt and sectarian will be hanging in the gallows. in an opinion poll confirmed protester Mohammed Salem al - Rubaie: "I did not like the scene erected gallows in Tahrir Square , but I find it necessary , especially with the corrupt political clique that does not Unfazed by the people and continuing for more than eight months Ptazahratna, were sharing the spoils openly and without any shame. " He adds:" We are protesters peaceful , they staged, but the politicians do not want us to be peaceful they ridicule us and mock Ptazahratna and Aatsamatna so this was gallows warning them not to listen to our demands. " rejected the feminist Fatima Ali, erected gallows and said:" I am against any kind of violence and from this terrible scene , which brings us the era of dictatorship obnoxious, I refuse to be in the new Iraq , these appearances that are offensive to democracy and to the Iraqi people civilized in any way. " She adds:" even if corrupt politicians deserve hangings and death should not be expressed in this way , but to leave the law so we do not want that our state be a state gangs and militias . we aspire to be a civilian our state and move away from the militarization of the people and violence because civilized societies are peaceful societies. " she continued:" I hope he does not repeat the scene and devoid peaceful Tazahratna of so terrifying scenes. " the protester Abdul Karim Jassem, he stressed that this gallows erected for those who signed (a document of honor) because they stressed the principle of quotas. he said: "we did not want to hit us things to this extent because we do not want to repeat the fascist Baath party experiences and Mchangah that have already set up here in Tahrir Square, but I think it holds a warning for those who manipulated people and his strength and his life has been reducing politicians Iraqis arrived at the stand deduced from the people by signing a document (Allacharf) that they wanted their power - sharing and the bounties of Iraq among themselves under the pretext of the partnership. " He added:" I think this gallows erected the so - called document of honor , which was the worst response to the masses Almatsamh and protester, they swear they abused people and for Iraq by so it has to be for this infamous document to be her neck in this gallows to execute forever. " Furthermore, the journalist Hossam Serail confirmed fears of this approach. he said:" with the monument sticks gallows in Tahrir Square, and what we actually have in our history and progress of Hammurabi and Ashurbanipal etc. which we brag very much day and night, but we also have the biography of an unforgettable lynching and mutilation since the founding of the first Republic in 1958, in this scene (gallows) , which was removed today from the scene a social trend of revenge from the injustice of the ruling and mismanagement, albeit justifications and motives clear who the past 13 years has suffered. " he added:" Just as I was afraid spree taxi drivers who have had Maliki god Illustrious may not be mentioned in bad, today I'm afraid of the approach thinks Balshal a way to fix things, which would put the starting point where only claim immediate independent spending takes us away from revenge endless, if indeed we crossed about real change and accountability of senior officials. " Author Ahmed Abdul - Sada said:" Anyone who knows the history of Iraq is well known that the gallows erected today in Tahrir Square is not just a gallows symbolic, but are the signs and signals of the image of the future of Iraq if the bridle political horse left , however , one side believes it has the right of different exclusion and castrating law and intimidate the partners in the homeland, cracking the ballot box and burning results! He added: "this is the gallows is a picture of internal violence" real "and" realistic . " you are trying to hide the slogans "peaceful" counterfeit, is the image of the horror which is bound to affect the different other Vidfh either heeding silent or to withdraw from the scene or engage strong omnipotent and violent rows! " He continued , " it is the image is bound to conjure up - one way or another - scene gallows erected by the Baath Party in Tahrir Square in 1969 for the execution of what he called "Jewish spies" before he devours later this party all its partners and adopts the policy of "one-party"! so confirmed by the UN High Commissioner for Human rights , Dr. Ithmaar Alhatri rejected any term manifestations violence and intimidation. she said: "Yes , the legitimate demands should be expressed manifestations are legitimate and peaceful also does not give or for the manifestations of violence or intimidation , whatever the nature and causes of these demonstrations or sit - ins or any other way to express their opinion and therefore , we find that this aspect needs to strengthen awareness and educate for the citizens. " she added:" We have recorded remarkable positive progress registered to the demonstrators and protesters during the previous period and we Kmokhtchin noticed and we pointed out that we said we cherish and are proud of this positive awareness in the selection of peaceful means of expression. Thus we do not want to record a decline in awareness so as I said , whatever the reasons and demands as long as we are talking about democratic practices Tdharhvi peaceful expression of opinion. " Experiencing Liberation Square and the gates of most of the ministries and other institutions continued presence of protesters demanding the departure of the ministe