Allawi calls for protesters to stay away from ministries and state institutions and to maintain sound

Wednesday 20-04-2016
| 12:11:19
Shafaq News / The President of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi on Wednesday a letter to the protesters and demonstrators urging them to keep their activities from state institutions and departments and maintain a peaceful what they are doing.

Allawi said in the text of the message that "there must be and you know that our country is going through serious exceptional circumstances, and the region is the other pass conditions are complex and severe tensions overshadow Iraq amid international divisions overlaps frantic, which makes it imperative for our people of demonstrators and protesters not to allow any infringement upon government departments and ministries or assault her, God forbid, or lawlessness or friction forces of Homeland security. "

Allawi called for a "get away from the government state institutions and ministries and the preservation of public and private property and a commitment Bslmah demonstrations after taking peaceful calls esteemed demonstrators received acclaim good and compassionate and clear understanding of the MPs and many of the authority's leaders," warning "malevolent who do not want good for Iraq." .