Sadr pulls "Liberal" of the sit-ins and suggested a coalition seats are required not infringing on embassies

Wednesday 20-04-2016
| 12:17:58

Twilight News / criticized cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Wednesday the ongoing conflict in the parliament and outside it, as proposed for the formation of a parliamentary coalition, united, announced the freezing of the Liberal bloc, which represents power in parliament and withdraw from the ongoing sit-in.

Sadr said in a statement, said that the Parliamentary ongoing conflict in the parliament and outside it became negatively affect the prestige of the Iraqi popular revolution original, which emerged from the womb of Iraq and its statesmen and people. "

He stressed the need for the continuation of the popular protests in Baghdad and the provinces to put pressure on politicians, "and fans of" corruption and sectarian and political quotas.

He called for "relentless pursuit towards the formation of a popular coalition united with up to parliamentarians with national intentions truth away from Almarb with factional and retaliatory ridiculous to pursue a united Iraq and a new political process is far from sectarian quotas to replace the independent technocrats rather than partisan muggers."

Sadr urged "patriots of Representatives good guys" to withdraw from the sit-in inside the parliament, "and the lack of political involvement Palmeatrut" revealing "the freezing of the Liberal bloc until the voting session at the ministerial cabin tagged independent Baltknuaqrat and the rest of the other grades."

He stressed that the protesters are not subjected to the embassies of countries in Iraq to count the inhabitants and interference conditions.