Yacoubi introduce draft resolution to the political crisis suffocating

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He suggested Sheikh Mohammed al-Yacoubi, Wednesday, seeing a five-step out of the current political crisis, warning that the continuation of the crisis may make them "Daddy every evil."

Yacoubi said the Office in a statement that the final "offer his vision for the project solution out of the country from the suffocating political crisis, which if continued - forbid Allah, they would be the Pope every evil", stressing the need for "the cooperation of everyone to solve, and not assume everyone sins of these disasters."

"The vision also includes several steps, including the parliament reunion and his call for an urgent meeting at the earliest to be an umbrella for all the blocks, where the election of the President and his nominations are open to staff the new presidency of the parliament where the balance saves components session with and take into account the foundations of national partnership is going on, and the new government formation to parliament for a vote of confidence by. "

He called Yacoubi, to "form a committee of independent experts in various fields have the approval of Parliament function considering candidates to fill the ministries within the government of technocrats and national efficient, consistent and capable of resolving the crises the country and combat the causes of failure in all fields," stressing the need to "direct the restructuring of institutions State and revision of laws to suit the goals that we have mentioned above. "

Yacoubi urged the importance of "seeking to create conditions for elections in accordance with the laws reflect accurately the will of the voters in their representatives and express the will of the people without the hegemony of one of their decisions and their attitudes."