Hakim: We'll ministerial amendment and prosecute corrupt

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Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim, "We'll ministerial amendment, and to prosecute the corrupt," he said, stressing that "reform is not the coup against legitimacy."

Mr. Ammar al-Hakim said during the Cultural Forum, which was held in the office of Mr. al-Hakim in Baghdad, on Wednesday, that "in Rehab anniversary of the birth of Imam Ali {PBUH} momentous occasion, let me touch upon the political pangs that passes by our dear country, and start from the depth of this occasion in showing the position of reason and wisdom in reforming affairs of the people and the nation, "noting that" our imam {G} was the banner of reform and Imamate holder, but treated wisely and patiently biting the surgeon in order to preserve the prestige of the caliphate, and its institutions, and gave the best advice to successors who preceded him with disagreeing essential with them, this is a faithful {p} protector of Islam, and the flag holder behavior, and guardian of the Prophet. "

Among al-Hakim "We are in Iraq and since 2003 has been much went through serious crises and challenges destiny, but with God's help and the strength and patience of Iraqis we left behind all of us, and we were able to protect our homeland," adding, but today in front of the most serious crisis experienced by Iraq, reaching crisis to legitimacy that all state structures and institutions breed them, and that's what did not happen earlier.

A clear head of the Supreme Council that "reform and the search for solutions, and evaluate performance, and to protect people, secure their future can not be the coup against legitimacy, and divided, and weakened," stressing, "We disagree on everything, but varying views in all directions, but must be under the legal ceiling, and state institutions. "

He went on saying that "there are countries in the world have fought major divisions and civil wars harsh, but maintained the unity of the parliament, and respect for the Constitution; because they are the only ones that can sustain the re-cohesion of the people of one nation, and restore harmony to the various parties," noting that "if parliament collapsed, and was overtaking the Constitution, then everything becomes permissible, and all the state and its institutions become unconstitutional, and all the political forces in society will work at the time in the political jungle is not ruled by law or principle. "

Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, and pointed out that "chaos does not lead to a system, this is God that control nature, politics and the rules of society," adding that he "can they kill what they want on the chaos, some of them call it {creative} and some of them call it {constructive}, and some of them {} call it reform, but it remains a mess, not only produce more chaos. "

He pointed out that "all the good people and honest people in this country are seeking reform and change for the better, and the people of Iraq no matter how misled and fraud, it consciously, and know where corruption, and what did he do, and what to do who do not know the day, they will know tomorrow, we are in the information free time, and rapid communication which is the mystery of it. "

And "we demanded more than once to be the National Alliance stronger and more institutional, and did not listen to us other, and what is happening today one of the results of the fragmentation of the National Alliance, which represents the political basis of which produced a candidate for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers," noting that "today the transformation of this fragmentation in the coalition National political situation of the parliamentary situation and within the halls of government !!. "

He continued saying that "when we show error and warn of the behavior of what we do not do it for the theory and rhetoric, but because we see the spark Venhdhir of the fire, but unfortunately there are those who do not understand the warning language until you reach the flames to the ends of his clothes," he said. "We will stick to reform and change and we will continue to work with our brothers and allies fides, we will not allow for some who are hiding behind the feelings of honesty and sincerity to ride the wave, and play around with words, and there will be two camps, or fronts, camp for reformers one, but there are of Landes, including those who are trying to pass Ajindath own motivated by greed Owalantqam " .

Mr. Ammar al-Hakim and pointed out that "we will maintain legitimacy, and we will accept the results if any were under the roof of the Constitution and the law," adding that "all the appreciation of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr on the quality of his move to support the legislative institution, the settlement of the sit-in."

He concluded by saying, "We will overcome this crisis, God willing, despite the seriousness of the amount," he said. "We'll ministerial amendment, the restructuring of the state, and support real reform, and the prosecution of corrupt sooner or later, we will not allow the plaintiffs to waive the law and the Constitution under any name."