Economist: difficult to raise the central sales influenced by oil revenues

Economy Since 20/04/2016 20:31 pm (Baghdad time)

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Said economic expert on behalf of Antoine, Wednesday, it's hard to raise central bank sales of the dollar, due to the vulnerability of oil revenues.

He said Antoine L / balance News /, that he "can not eliminate the lower central bank sales due to the latter's dependence on oil as the sole source of dollars," noting that "the price of the dollar at the central bank is affected by the proceeds of the sale of oil."

He added that "the government must stop all dollar sale of documentary credits," stressing that "the request for dollar rate of more than one percentage presentation, land, which leads to a significant shortage of money that the dollar."

It is said that central bank sales vary from time to time significantly .anthy 29

From: Haidar Almitm