America 's long - range artillery deployed to help Iraqi forces in the liberation of Mosul


BAGHDAD / Reuters

The United States plans to send additional troops to Iraq are stationed probably closer to the front line positions to advise the Iraqi forces in the war against al Daash.
US military officials said Washington will deploy an additional 200 military advisers, mostly Iraqi forces during the advance towards Mosul, the largest city under the control of the organization Daash.
US President Barack Obama said in an interview with the network ( "We believe the Iraqis are preparing to fight and earn earth .. Let's make sure we provide them with additional support."
Obama said, "We are not fighting for ourselves ... but when we offer training and when the special forces that support them, and when we get the intelligence information and we are working with the alliances that we have, what we are seeing is that we can tighten the screws down on the militant group."
He continued, saying "my expectation that by the end of the year we will have provided the necessary conditions for the Liberation of Mosul in the end." The United States agreed to use helicopters Apache to help Iraqis provide fast air support and guidance of surgical strikes.
He will join advisers to Iraqi units, consisting of approximately 2500 in a military crawl toward the front lines of the battle. So far, the presence of advisers on the big teams, consisting of ten thousand military present in areas far from the battlefields sites is limited.
The change will allow the advisers to advise more quickly to Iraqi soldiers in Mosul, the restoration is likely to campaign where they face stiff resistance.
He said US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, "This will put Americans near the battle. Each goal is to be able to help those forces to respond more agile manner."
Carter said the decision to increase US troops in Iraq size taken in close coordination with the Iraqi authorities. Carter met with US commanders and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.
The latest increase raises the number of US troops to 4087 individuals. Excluded are members of the special operations and some logistical support workers who work in a temporary rotation.
And it will provide the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) as well as assistance to the tune of $ 415 million for the Kurdish Peshmerga units, which played an important role in repelling the militants in northern Iraq.
Lt. Gen. Sean McFarland Alliance commander who fights the organization that the United States will discuss how to spend the funding with the Kurdish government, pointing out that this part will be spent on the most likely allocated to the Peshmerga forces foodstuffs.
McFarland said, "now do not get the Peshmerga forces to sufficient calories to continue in the field, so we are very much interested reassured on their access to adequate food to keep fighting."
And managed the Iraqi forces trained by the US Army and backed by air strikes, the coalition led by the United States to regain land from the organization, which dominated in 2014 and large swathes of Iraq and Syria.
Carter said that some of the American soldiers in Iraq will be transferred to the logistics of the Iraqi forces during the crawl Mosul. This will include the important supply lines because of Mosul, located about 400 kilometers north of Baghdad.
Carter told reporters, "We want more action by the Iraqi forces toward victory here and needs more to move more logistical support."
New US troops composed of advisers and trainers and air support crews and security forces. It is expected that the majority of military advisers from the Special Forces have as is the case with about a hundred adviser currently deployed in Iraq.
He said US Secretary of Defense that his country will deploy artillery unit long-range missiles in support of Iraqi ground forces in the Battle of Mosul. There are currently in Iraq and batteries Two units of this type.
US officials did not rule out the possibility that lasting success needs more than US obligations.