Integrity Commission continue its inquiries and investigations on some of the oil contracts

April 20, 2016 5:45
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Integrity Commission revealed Tuesday 04/19/2016 for the continuation of the investigative procedures regarding what was published by the agency (Fairfax Media) and (Hovingtin Post) of the involvement of some officials in the state attributes of corruption and kickbacks related to certain oil contracts during the period of the former government, pointing to the completion of the investigative team some investigative procedures, and summoned some officials who are named in the report, listen to their statements.
Also confirmed that its author to investigate this issue is coordination with the relevant authorities in Australia, France and the United Kingdom; to request the information available to it in this regard, as is coordination and communication with some of the editors of foreign journalists; For any additional information affairs mentioned in the above, the telltale that it has turned out for the team after the investigation process and the inspection site to my company (Leighton Offshore) and (Leona Oil) in Baghdad, the absence of the headquarters of the two companies in Baghdad, contrary to what the Department of the Registrar of companies index.
The vacuum will be to prepare a preliminary report on its findings, after taking increasingly becoming the legal proceedings.
The Commission stressed the absence of any statement or statement acquit or condemn anyone at odds on what was raised in the program (no man's land) who introduced across the Tigris satellite channel on Friday, 04.08.2016 by the guests of the two judges (Wael Abdul Latif and Rahim) expressive deep astonishment of the information cited by the judges with accusations sedan body was to declare the innocence of the names included in the investigation, or as Mr. Ugaili went (to give instruments of innocence).
She had moved immediately monitor details of the case through the media, and did not wait for an order from a Aaaza or so; being aware of its duty not waiting to be guided by one.