Prosecutor Kuwaiti prophecy awaiting "heavenly shout" to establish an Islamic state in the island

Kuwait - Iraq Press - April 19
/ April: revealed security investigations with the prosecutor prophecy Hussein Allhada his intention to establish an Islamic state in the Arabian Peninsula, having come "shout from heaven" a mockery of his people and ordered them to follow him, he says, stressing that "the faithful current ", and Muslims must obey him and his followers.

He acknowledged "the false prophet" at the same time that he does not pray in the mosque adjacent to his house, so pretext to avoid contact with people, even «Hooray alleged» come, and noting that even retired from his family, and caused him to it in a big family problems.

Sources for (life) that Allhada received financial aid exceeded four million riyals, from his followers in a number of Arab countries, by way of wire transfer, and cash received at his home in Kuwait, as well as on luxury cars, and described it as a "gift", because charity deprives Thus, as he claims.

The sources pointed out that the Allhada was humiliate ruqyah therapy, before charging him Kuwaiti Interior criminal charge, emptied after the alleged call.

It is noteworthy that the Kuwaiti authorities finally toppled Bmdei prophecy, a fugitive from the implementation of the judgment of imprisonment of five years, at the time calling for the affected Saudis call by referring to Saudi Arabia to sue him in the courts, after causing a number of them prison terms up to 25 years.

The "Life" published that among the followers of the prosecutor prophecy of Iraq is also in the countries of the region a fighter pilot (Syrian national), was an envoy to Yemen to train pilots Air Force before several years, academics in the Yemeni universities, and that "the prosecutor prophecy" first wife filed to the courts Kuwait filed a lawsuit to request the dissolution of association with him, for his ideas perverted and his claim that "Last senders."