Sadrists performing Maghrib and dinner at the green gates

Baghdad -arac Press -19 April: led thousands of supporters of the Sadrist movement, on Monday evening, Maghrib and ' Isha perimeter Green Zone in central Baghdad as part of the protest, called by Moqtada al - Sadr and gave the three presidencies three days to coordinate and provide cabins cabinet of technocrats voted on by parliament. SA1 (2)SA1 (3) and pulled the protesters to the site of the sit -in in Tahrir Square, after a protest called by Tsiqih demonstration. the Hddh coordination during the vigil at a peaceful demonstration , and warned of "infiltrators" trying to push the protesters to storm the area. SA1 (4)SA1 (5) the committee member said Ibrahim al - Jabri, he "does not allow any one to enter the region green , "noting that" whoever does so is tucked. " SA1 (6) besieged protesters supporters of the Sadrist movement, on Monday morning, the Iraqi media network headquarters in central Baghdad, to demand the resignation of its president Abdul - Jabbar carp. halted the ministries of agriculture, finance, labor, science and technology, on Monday, work in the general headquarters and evacuated its staff after besieging the protesters to their headquarters to demand the resignation of Ministers. , with security forces deployed in the vicinity of those ministries case of any emergency. as besieged the followers of the Sadrist movement and the Ministry of communications, in central Baghdad, while the cut off Abu Nawas Street to prevent and communications Minister Hassan Kadhim Al - Rashed Wazzarh.anthy from entering the building