Demonstrators in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Amhlon Jaafari three hours to resign (Details)
02:33 PM Orbit News -
Gave the protestors in front of the Foreign Ministry, on Tuesday, the Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari three hours to submit his resignation from office.

A source said in a press statement, said that "a delegation of the protesters in front of foreign income, this afternoon, to the Foreign Ministry building to negotiate with ministry officials on entry and exit of employees."

The source added, "The delegation stressed that mobility is peaceful, not aimed at staff or impede their movement," adding that they "Amhluwa Jaafari three hours in order to offer his resignation from office."

And saw foreign trade and oil ministries Tuesday, a mass popular demonstrations calling for reform and the resignation of the minister with the deadline set by the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr today to provide ministerial cabin that is finished.