Iraq calls for converting his money frozen in Swiss banks to fund development

April 19, 2016 15:06
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Iraq demanded to transfer his money frozen in Swiss banks to the Iraqi Development Fund.

According to a Foreign Ministry statement that "Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, received at his office in Baghdad and the Swiss Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Yves Rossier and his accompanying delegation and discussed with him bilateral relations and open up more prospects of joint cooperation between the two countries, the two sides touched on the talk about the great sacrifices offered by Iraq Daash in the war against terrorist gangs. "

The minister praised the positions of Switzerland and its support for Iraq in many areas, pointing out that Iraq is looking to establish better relations with various countries of the world to activate common interests and face common dangers serve all peoples. "

Jaafari said according to the statement that Iraq faces Daash terrorists who came from more than 100 countries, and is still in need of humanitarian aid, especially as it passes exceptional circumstances The economic challenge, and lower oil prices, the cost of the war against terrorism. "

And he demanded transfer of Iraqi funds frozen in Swiss banks to the Development Fund for Iraq, and continue to support Iraq, and its support in various fields. "

Jaafari called for coordination with one of the embassies of Europe in Iraq to facilitate the granting of entry attributes [visa] for Iraqis wishing to visit Switzerland, stressing the importance of the signing of memorandums of understanding between the two countries in many areas, the most important industry, trade, and transportation, as well as to urge the Swiss companies investment in Iraq. "

For his part, the Swiss Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, according to the statement continued support of his country to Iraq, noting that he will discuss providing more humanitarian assistance to the displaced families with Iraqi officials. "